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Save money on materials

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This is not an advertizement.  I am a contractor in Maryland.  Unfortunately the big box stores have closed a lot of the lumber yards and hardware stores in my area where I work.  You can throw a rock in almost any direction and hit a Home Depot.  Therefore my company ends up puchahasing a lot of materials from Home Depot to avoid the longer drive to the few lumber yards left.

Several months ago a cashier at the check out counter told me that I can save 5% on my entire purchase every time I check out.  The only catch is you have to purchase your materials with a Home Depot credit card.  I already use my Home Depot credit card for my purchases since the monthly credit card bill come with a detailed itemized list of all of the materials that I purchased for the entire month.

To save 5% on every purchase all you have to do is tell the cashier that you want "The Lowes 5% competitive discount match".  The cashier will scan a bar code and it automaticly takes 5% off of the entire order.  No strings attached

Any of you that might have a military ID and you present it during check out you will get 10% off of the entire order.

I asked the cashier why I have never heard about this before and he replied they the program has been around for a long time but they do not tell anyone.  It has been working for me for for 3 or 4 months.  I know that 5% is not a huge amount but when you think about what you spend in a year it can add up to a nice little chunk of change.

I do not know if this policy is nation wide but i would assume that it is.  Hope it works for all of you as well.