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Screws used in email ad.

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I received an email ad from fine home building  titled holiday joy, start making handmade gifts.  The email shows socket head screws, what is the trade name for this type of screw and where can I find them.  Thanks

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Don't know the name of them, but those are the special screws used for assembling hardboard furniture.  I believe Rockler may carry them.

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Dan, Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. Winkldog

Winkdog, (post #206990, reply #2 of 6)

Those are called Confirmat screws used for MDF. Don't know what the drive shown is but they do come in Posidrive and Torx. You need a stepped bit to drill the pilots. Fastenal or Mcfeeleys have them.



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Coonass (gotta love that name) Thanks for the help,  it's appreciated. Winkdog  

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From McFeelys:

YAY!  I love WYSISYG editing!  And Spellcheck!


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Paul, Thanks, appreciate the help. Winkdog