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Self Build W/O a GC and Paying Someone to Help

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I have my permit and have done all my grading and have my foundation marked out. I plan to sub out the concrete work to a licensed contractor. I plan to do everything else I can myself but will need to hire some help here and there for two person jobs that come up.

I would like to keep everything on the up and up and not be doing any deals under the table. Any advice on how to legitimatly hire general help that is not a licensed contractor. Can I 1099 them without them being licensed or can I hire them as an employee? This is for my personal residence and I'm located in AZ.

Typically you would need to (post #216059, reply #1 of 1)

Typically you would need to hire licensed and insured subs to help.  Anyone else you hire would need to be covered by a workers comp policy to protect you and your assets.

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