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Shutting Gas Stove and Oven off

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Shutting Gas Stove and Oven off (post #215074)

 So I shut the gas valve off to my Gas stove/oven behind it and blew the pilot lights on the stove out.

Does this mean the gas to both the oven and stove are off? Also, was it ok to blow the pilot lights on the stove out?

Also, i dont know if the pilot light in the oven is on, would that just go out or do i need to blow that out to?

If you properly shut off the (post #215074, reply #1 of 2)

If you properly shut off the gas supply, using the valve behind the unit, you should not need to blow out the pilot -- once the gas still in the pipe has burned it will go out on its own (and this helps you to know if you have the gas turned all the way off).

But note that many modern stoves and ovens don't have a pilot, but instead use some sort of electric ignition.

Also, just so you know, appliances with pilot lights are supposed to have a "thermocouple" which causes the gas to the pilot to be shut off if the pilot goes out for some reason.  This is a safety feature, but, like all such safety features, you shouldn't rely on it to work 100% of the time -- don't blow out the pilot unless you're sure that the gas has been turned off.

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Go outside and close the (post #215074, reply #2 of 2)

Go outside and close the valve on the tank.

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