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SIPS vs conventional roof construction?

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I am designing a home in the Fort Collins, Co area that will have about 4000sf of mono plane 3/12 shed roofs. The geometry is quite simple, with an eye on cost. For about half the area the ceilings would follow the roof plane; the rest could be trussed with mono trusses for flat ceilings and attic space above.

I am trying to decide between SIPS (12", for R-49) and conventional construction, which would consist of a combination of trusses and stick frame. The latter would of course need to include roof sheathing, insulation, venting (unless I used closed cell spray in), more beams, blocking etc. I realize the SIPS will probably give me a tighter envelope, but aside from that, how would the costs compare? The SIPS come to about $10 per sqft plus installation.

The last SIPs i priced were (post #215632, reply #1 of 1)

The last SIPs i priced were about 25% more than conventional construction but that did not include insulation. I think for the time and money savings SIps would be well worth the money.  If you could have the Sips constructed using Zip sheathing you'd be way ahead.

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