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Slab Doors

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I'm curious if anybody can tell me why replacement slab doors are sized the way they are. Recently I decided to replace our older hollow core interior doors with solid core doors. Measured the doors, looked at the options and I figured 23 3/4 x 79 3/4 was the 24x80 that was available. When the doors came in, I found that in certain cases, I needed that quarter inch especially in the width, although in one case, I needed to trim both width and height to make the door fit. 

My goal was not to replace the entire door frame, but just the slab doors. Fortunately I was able to run the doors through my cabinet saw and trim the width, and then in a few cases, I used my router to trim the top and bottom equal amounts. 

But I still can't figure out why replacement doors are sized differently than what you get when you buy a prehung door. Anybody know? 

Box store v. custom door$ (post #215819, reply #1 of 1)

I think I know :)  When you want true dimensions you don't order from a box store. Here I go to my local lumber yard, folks who understand custom work, and they order from a company that specializes in producing authentic, "Olde Tyme" doors...and you pay accordingly. I've ordered many such doors...and now I make them myself!  It is not hard....if you have the right tools.  Come to think of it, I did once order through Menards (box store) and the door widths were only 1/8" less than the true size. What's more, they did not come with a bevel edge on the lock side...great!

Where the door appears a tad small, consider installing a thicker door stop.

Mel Fros