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Solid PVC exterior Shutters?

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Does anyone know of a source for solid pvc exterior shutters?  I think I saw them mentioned several years ago on and episode of This Old House, but I couldn't find it in their archives.  I'm not talking about the thin vinyl that you can get any where.  I mean the real full profile with operating louvers.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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PVC Shutter

-->Category: Siding, Shutters & Trim
Episode: ATOH 111
J&L Shutters, Inc.
P.O. Box 16774
Memphis, TN 38186
tel: 800-238-2888

Didn't take  me long to find it at toh, took me longer to re-find this post so I could

reply, oh by the way I live in memphis and I've never heard of this co.(guess that

doesn't mean anything)