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Spanish Cedar - Painting

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My local lumber yard recommended using spanish cedar for some exterior millwork. My question is how does this stuff paint. I concerned about the open grain in the wood and the many coats that will be needed to produce a smooth surface. Anybody got a good finish schedule for spanish cedar.



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Greetings JM,

This post, in response to your question, will bump the thread through the 'recent discussion' listing again.

Perhaps it will catch someones attention that can help you with advice.


r u a feckless dastard?




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No response aye?

In the event you fail to receive the information you desire, you might find it in the archives.

If you scroll down in the lower left corner of your screen there is a search function that will take you to previous threads dealing with whatever you type in the search bar.

If you type in 'cedar finish', 'cedar paint', 'spanish cedar' or other keywords of the subject matter you may get a supply of data from those old threads.


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