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Squirrel cage blower wiring

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I am building an air filter for my woodshop using a salvaged whole house furnace squirrel cage blower. The blower has 7 wires coming out of the GE motor. 2 brown wires go to a Dielektrol Capacitor. The other 5 (red, blue, yellow, black, white) go to a white strip plug (4, 3, 2, 1, C).

I want to wire the blower thru a junction box on the side of the filter box, with a switch, to a 110v outlet.  I would appreciate any guidance on this electrical project. Would you know if the blower speed is changeable?

I've put off dust control in my shop/garage far too long and now I have left over plywood laying around so it is time to build it!


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   Hoopa  The wiring diagram should be on the side of the motor make sure its a 110 volt. If theres no diagram the nuetral [white wire ] from your fuse box goes to ''C'' and the hot [black wire ] from fuse box to one of the colored wires. The colors are different fan speeds ,black-high,red med.high ,blue-medium, and yellow low speed. Thats a guess on the speed colors ,but it should be close.Also make sure you run a ground wire to the motor housing and fan housing.               good luck Red                                                                                                   

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See this is your first post, welcome. For future reference, esp on regional issuse, it help to add your location to your profile. 

Wiring aside, I tried to build a dust collection with squirrel cage blower years ago.  At design speed, a squirrel cage does not pull a high enough suction vacuum to do much to move dust like planer chips (fine table saw dust OK). and what chips it does pull that get by the cyclone clogs the squirrel cage (bag typically downstream of the fan, fan upstream of cyclone)  

Tried to speed up the blower (belt drive) to 2500 RPM and only succeeded in destroying the squirrel cage! (all the fins went flat!, no air at all). 

Ended up using the same housing, but cutting/welding/balancing an 18" dia axial vane fan from 1/8" steel plate to run at 3450 RPM - not a job for the faint of heart or if you dont have the equipment/metal lathe, etc. That baby SUCKS.

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That's a beast! But I think he's looking to build an air filter, not a dust and chip collector. Basically a fan in a box with furnace filter on intake end.


Everything will be okay in the end.  If it's not okay, it's not the end. 


Everything will be okay in the end.  If it's not okay, it's not the end. 

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If interested, here is the setup I ended up with. 


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I can't open that attachment.

Is it maybe supposed to be a Jpeg or something?

Will the information superhighway have any rest stops?

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OOp , sorry, pasted it as powerpoint, need ppt to be able to open, here is jpg

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this is somewhat of a guess, but it reads like a single speed motor, and high voltage....240....,
if this is true ,then connect...
blue + red

.if the wrong rotation flip red and yellow, the numbers on the terminal strip mean nothing relative to the colors, .now the only ????? is the white....

. . .

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"his is somewhat of a guess, but it reads like a single speed motor, and high voltage....240...., "

Why do you suspect that.

First it was from a household furnace. And unless it was an "electric furnace" I have never heard of any that arnot 120.

And most of them are multi-speed, 3 or 4 speeds that can be selected on for heating and one for cooling modes.

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you're right, it is low voltage......I was simply using his colors, which correspond to 1,4,5,and 8, and that is not HV,
..however the white still has to go somewhere,
...still on the fringe of consciousness

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I have ####variant of yours.....

yel----m. high
white common

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Thanks All for the input. The attempt is to come up with a 1000cfm air filter to hang in the shop to filter airborne dust. I will remove the motor from the blower housing to find the wiring diagram as suggested. 

I also originated this post in the Knots General discussion. Sorry if I'm redundant, but wasn't sure if the post was in the right place.