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Stain Grade Bookcase Prices

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We are having a new house built. In the study I would like to put in a simple stain grade bookcase that would be 6'-6" tall and 12' long. The builder wants to use his standard cabinet maker. The cabinet maker says the cost will be $550 per lineal foot. This seems very high to me, but that is my question. I can delete this from the project and hire my own cabinet maker after the house is built. What do you think of this pricing?


Gerrha (post #210147, reply #1 of 3)

6600 might be high for sides and shelves, a bit hard to tell from the description.

and it might not.

run the same spec's by another cabmaker for an idea.  Wood type and quality of workmanship can make sizable difference.


you might also check stock commercial cabs (their shelving/hutch type of parts,) add the labor for install.  If there's a big difference, consider that route.  Solid wood vs. veneer ply vs. mdf ....... Even more.

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Look in the Kelly's Blue book for Karpentry (post #210147, reply #2 of 3)

Craftsmanship doesn't have a SKU number and pricing is relative on many levels. Bottom line is that it only matter to you what you think of the pricing.

Prior to retireing, when I (post #210147, reply #3 of 3)

Prior to retireing, when I was doing custom furniture for a living, that price would have been about my starting point. But I specialized in truly custom, high end work. I didn't leave details wanting. 

Something to keep in mind when shopping for another cabinet/furniture builder.... your contractor presumably knows your style and "degree of finish" desires. He undoubtedly relayed this info to his cabinet maker thus he could give you a quote. Some other guy who you may contact on the telephone won't know you, or your tastes. He will have to spend time ascertaining this information in order to give you a realistic price. Don't expect the qualifier "simple" to suffice.