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staining red cedar siding

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Has anyone had any experience with Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Watercoat Exterior semi-transparent stain.  I am looking for a water based stain for a new house siding.  What product works well for protection fron rain and sun?  We live in SW British Columbia, where winters are generally mild and wet.

Semi Transparent Siding stains (post #207486, reply #1 of 1)

I started with Olympic oil based semi transparent on cedar 15+ yrs ago. That stain is no longer available here in central NY, so I have used two water based semi-transparents recently. The Cabot stain I had my 14yr old apply two years ago didn't work out so well. Partly his fault, but heavy applications and overlaps built up a shiny layer which has taken until now to wear down. I will re-do those areas this year. Recently I have used Pittsburgh Paints SunProof product, with good results. It has only been up for a year, but seems to be holding up well. I haven't used the BM product you mention, but the private paint dealer recommended the SunProof as the best product for my application, and he is a Benjamin Moore dealer.

Good luck. Buy the right stuff, because all the money is in the effort to apply it (properly).