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Starting a new buisness goals?

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I grew up doing small contracting with my dad. All Residential work(roofs, additions, alot of complete renovations,etc..). Im 22 and currently at Indiana State majoring in construction management. I have a internship with IEA(they build wind farms) for the summer. I think Im gonna learn alot, and make good connections. However, this job is gonna deal with alot of paperwork, Nothing hands on. I really dont think Im see myself finding enjoyment in the long term. Last summer I started a package house(Delightful Charm) from menards with my dad. I currently have a little bit left to finish, but its mostly done. This house taught me alot, and thats the main reason I did it. I made alot of mistakes, but I learned from them. The biggest thing being that I enjoy being hands on. I love the feeling of coming home at night feeling beat down and exhausted. It has somewhat of a sense of accomplishment for me. After I graduate my main goal would be to start my own buisness in contracting(mainly new construction, or small contracting). I've been a property manager for the past four years as my main job. Buisness seems to be a main mindset. My truck and tools are paid off. Dad has offered me alot of tools I may need. Hopefully that comes across clear. 

heres a link to my experience building my house.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? I was wanting to get some main points to strive for in the next couple years. Thanks

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take some courses on the costs involved in business and how to account for them.

Talent and ambition have been crushed often by the costs of doing business.

For instance, you have tools and a truck now, what happens when they wear out?


best of luck!

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