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Stop Fooling Around........

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If we complain enough....will it change?

If I refuse to participate in this forum's purpose until they fix it....will they?

Am I wasting my time?

Are we all wasting our time?

I want to know once and for all from the powers that be if I am wasting my time hoping for the return of the best forum online.

Don't tease me or lead me on..........have the balls to tell me the truth.


It's time to stop hoping we'll learn to LOVE this crap.

We don't.

So what is the future?

It's time to pay the piper.

Tell it like it is................


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bot hay

Just a courtesy Mike. Trying to avoid copying your on screen persona so tightly that people would confuse us. Thanks for being nice.


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We complain about the board.

You complain about us complaining.

One of us is trying to be constructive.

It ain't you.


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Oh dear. Sorry Ed. We posted simultaneously.

Take my advice to Blue. Devise some witty, sexy, or noble line. Or just use "Ed". And use the preference feature to have it attached to every one of your posts. Then I can search on YOU too. This is how I can stay connected to the writers I don't want to ever miss reading.

And just so you know, I'm not allowed to complain anymore. I was stoned, trolled, and finally banned for being constructive. I didn't break a single rule. I didn't get a warning. I only tried to make Breaktime better. So be nice to me, bec I'm on your side.


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I had trouble logging in today.  So I entered as a guest.  And made the mistake of coming here... just in time to see Helen's BLATANT LIES.

What a crock!  You claim you don't know WHY you got banned... and that you didn't break any rules.  Some of us know the truth!  And it is different than your delusions tell you.

You are one of the most arrogant person's I know.  I literally despise you and want everyone here to know it.

Why don't you go back where you came from?  You add absolutely nothing of value to this forum.  You are just here to be a pain in the [JOBSITE WORD].  Well, sometimes a pain in the [JOBSITE WORD] needs to be kicked in the [JOBSITE WORD].  I hereby kick you in the [JOBSITE WORD] as a favor to all the decent people here.

Now back on ignore you go!



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"Have you posted in the Sandbox? Supposedly, prospering mightily reads that forum."

Where's the sandbox?

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If you go up to the top right hand corner of the screen you can see a button labelled 'My Forums' Click that and you'll find a link.


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Wethead- you got class. Somebody had to say it. Bravo


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Rez reckoned Wet Head had class
When he called H a pain in the a$$
But for all of his gabbin'
His class is pure cabin
And the girl still has balls made of brass.

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Sorry Ed, it's not at all likely that we'll go back to the WebX forum. And I don't think that anyone from Taunton ever suggested that we might. What we are doing is working to improve this format. Look later in the poll thread in the Tavern for a post from Mark explaining what his next move is.

Andy Engel, Forum moderator

Has anyone seen this poll?

Maybe it just doesn't show up on my browser....

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here you go splints - they moved it to forum suggestions -

"there's enough for everyone"

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Oh you're fast SG, but I'll beat you to the next one.


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I can't believe the general discussion board has vegetated to limericks tainted with vulgarity, and from a poster I previously respected.

Folks, this slide to the abyss isn't funny anymore.

I wonder how many other readers are thinking of packing up their saw and headin' for the house.


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Rez, i'm shocked!!!

You didn't know limericks are supposed to be vulgar???

You're right, this slide into the abyss isn't fun. And it's harder for me to keep from sliding with you on my back.

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Splints... please don't lower yourself to this peron's level.  I respect and like you.  You make me angry too as you well know.  But this person is on a level far below your dignity.  It has nothing to do with her positions, etc. and everything to do with the horrible attitude she has.


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Wet Head,

I, too, respectfully disagree with you about H. I would give my right arm and both left feet to be able to write like that, even though she regularly mis-guages the public mood. Or maybe my affection is due in substantial part to that very contrariness--i so appreciate folks who help haul my butt a little farther away from the box, whether i agree with their position or not.

I also fully believe that if her name had been Harold and he posted a pic of his truck, you'd have an entirely different viewpoint on the words. People fall all over themselves with delight--and rightly so--whenever ClayB shows up, and his poems make H's dripping sarcasm look like a letter to the Pope.

Horrible attitude? Do you have the slightest idea the kind of time it takes to write something like her Perfect Whine? My guess is at least two hours, closer to three. That's dedication, my friend; don't mistake it for anything else. 

And lose the ignore button--it's like taking Valium before having sex.

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Oh little sliver of wood in the forest-

Nope, not a boy/girl thing at all.  I feel the same way as wet head.  

Warm Thoughts From FLA
But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Adele, your saying you agree with Wet Head does nothing to negate the point i was making.

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Well, where misology flurishes, misogyny lives.


Phill Giles

The Unionville Woodwright

Unionville, Ontario

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Phill Giles

The Unionville Woodwright

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I respectfully disagree.  My post was very classless.  I felt I needed to say it anyway.


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For some strange reason I can't see anything in Helen's posts... hmmmm


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I can't see anything in Helen's posts... hmmmm

< H engages cloaking device >

Could it get any better than this? He can't *see* me. < giggles > What to do, what to do, what to do? I think he works on pipes and boilers and such.

Wet pretended to be nose thumbing,

But to me, it was more about his humming.

Making yourself blind,

Is a hard way to find,

Your snoot too deep in my [residential drinking water system].

Whew, that almost got out of hand.


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Helen, as you may have guessed,I too like color. I read 2-5 books a week and get kind of bored w/ black and white. If someone doesn't like my red they may feel free to skip my commentaries also. Someone somewhere said "There is no black and white only meaningful shades of grey" ( loosely quoted, I'm sure).  For what it's worth, I personally like your style.


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miammi sammi-

Not to offend you or anything, but the reason for reading books isn't to look at pretty colored letters. People read to learn what they don't know, or to read about stuff that fascinates them. When I read, I'm looking at letters on paper (or a monitor), but in my head I'm seeing myself siding a house, or flying a plane, or walking on the moon.


I can't stand all this colored text. I come here to read what those who know more than me have to say about carpentry and such. I find those who post intelligent responses and questions interesting, and I read them. I don't read messages because they are in large colored text, unless they are intelligent.


If I have to pay to rent my OS and browser, I'm going to open source unix.



When people 100 years from now see my work, they'll know I cared. --Matt Mulka
When people 100 years from now see my work, they'll know I cared. --Matt Mulka

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Prospero is  "committed to proprietary MS standards which are very anti-web, anti-free access. When they go to .net technology, I think Taunton is going to get a big shock. "

Indeed.  MS has done more to stifle computing and the internet that anyone who only knows the MS way of doing things can possibly imagine!

======================================== "Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary." Reinhold Niebuhr: 'The Children of Light and the Children of Darkness' ========================================

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> I miss the simple search

All the way at the bottom on the left there's a search that seems to me to work just like the old one.  The important stuff does get lost in the clutter, though.


-- J.S.





-- J.S.


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Hi Blue, pleased to meet you too.

Knowledgeable writers are key to the success of any forum. And I'm not here to discount Ed's efforts or yours. But your insufferable whining is a drag. You both are boring and no help to me. If you want to leave, just go. But I've got bad news if you think the world will stop turning.

And crayons my sweet [JOBSITE WORD]. You ever blubber about Joe Fusco's blue text? Grow up you big baby. I'm embarrassed for you and your Mamma would be too.

The "new crowd", whatever you mean by that, will not duplicate the past. We (hoping I can be part of it) will make it better. You're not in? Too bad for you. If you'd like to discuss how great things were in the "olden days", I'll set your ears to the same color as your eyes. But before I do that, how tall are you?


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Looks like Helen is going to bring a little fire and vinegar to the boards guys. Things may get pretty interesting. Welcome aboard Helen.

Ed, I hope you will stick around. When I first started coming to breaktime, I did my best to read everything you and Blue posted, still do in fact. You guys stood out as knowing how to do things right the first time and are also able to put your thoughts in print in a way I understand. Since I've been coming here I have learned to value the input of other members of this community almost as much as yours.

I guess what I am trying to say is that yes, the format has changed but the quality of content can stay the same, but only if folks like you, Blue, Mike Smith, Stan, Armin, and the list goes on, stick it out and make the best of the hand we have all been dealt.

TCW Specialists in Custom Remodeling.

Trust your neighbors, but brand your calves.

TCW Specialists in Custom Remodeling.

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Yeah... and she gets VERY irritating!  Thak God for the ignore button!  What a condesending je*k she can be!


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so when are you going to push the ignore button? Duh!

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Don't be so friggin stupid please.  I already did...

Your comments and emphasized words only serve to make you look like a mor... well I won't say it.