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stucco questions

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I have this retaining wall which has a combination of volcanic rock and concrete, and I would like to cover everything and end up with a smooth coat stucco finish.


Question is, how to get there, and get the finished color that I want.  I would like to do this myself.


For the existing concrete wall, I figure I would use

I would pressure wash the wall, apply a latex concrete bonding agent, mix in the color and apply the product to the wall.  I have never worked with this product, but I have plastered.  Can anyone tell me what to expect?


For the volcanic rock, I figure I need to fill in all the voids and get a smooth substrate.  How would I do this and what product should I use?  Short of applying chicken wire, forming up, and pouring in concrete, is there another way?



yo (post #207368, reply #1 of 2)

Here's something to think about and not meant to discourage.

Often when "parging a wall, it's done on the outside, with a dry interior.  What you propose is more like what would be done on the inside of a basement with the dirt and heavy moisture on the other.  The results around here of something like that often leads to cracking and in more extreme cases, separation of the stucco veneer from the block/concrete. 

Water migrates through the wall, and can push off coatings.  If the backside of your wall would keep out water, you might be successful.

Where are you located?  Seasonal change may make a difference.

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Thought about this actually (post #207368, reply #2 of 2)

Thought about this actually since these are retaining walls, and there is effloresence visible on the concrete portion of the wall.  I have seen stucco fail when this happens.  They never placed a water barrier on the backside of these walls.  My feeling is even if we drilled weep holes at the bottom of the walls, they would could continue top effloresce and thus the stucco would fail.