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Supporting corner shelves

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Looking for design help.

Check out the attached Sketchup shot of a preliminary design. The bookcase will cover the two walls, meeting in the corner.

How do I support the shelves in the corner?

(Major changes can still be made if needed)


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I did a stack of corner shelf arrangements like that in a closet.

Each leg about 40". Ends and backs supported by full length cleats and the two shelves square cut and joined with biscuits and glue. 3/4" plywood, edge banded and painted.  Loaded and no sag.

With the bookcase I would dado the ends, pin, cleat or staple the backs and join the corner with biscuits and glue. Also, if the design permits, I would add a stiffener to the front of all shelves. You can rout a nice profile to set them off. I would resist making the corner shelves adjustable.


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dado all shelves into the back panel and they will support themselves



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Thanks for the drawing.  I'd be inclined to dado for the shelves, then use biscuits and glue to join the intersecting shelves.  It's going to be a little tricky because you have to join the two units up, shelves in place, prior to pushing them into the corner.  A rubber mallet might come in handy.

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I did something very similar for a pantry.  I used 2 layers of 3/8" plywood and "half-lapped" the corners.  The overlap is the full depth of the adjoining shelf.  It's glued and screwed, so it's quite strong, but I'm sure it would deflect under the weight of a full shelf of books.

The edges were edge-banded and everything was painted.  It would be much more challenging to use this technique if the shelves need to be stained.