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Synthetic Deck Overlay

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We have an aging wood dock and are planning to either turn the boards (2x6 PT) or are contemplating using a synthetic overlay and not have to deal with them again.  Anyone aware of a product of this type on the market?  The best offer we have had at this point is to mill Trex into two thin pieces.

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I've seen plastic decking that's about 1/2 or 1/3 thickness, designed to go over existing decking. I'm guessing it would accelerate rot, but not as bad as some other options.

Don't know any names, but pretty sure I saw it at HD (though not recently).

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Either way is a waste of time but the overlay will certainly cost more. If you're going to go to the trouble of pulling worn out wood go ahead and replace it. Overlaying looks terrible, will cause even PT to rot and is hard to keep fastened.

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Tear up the old decking and avoid any other problems

This is the cheapest part of the construction process involved