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Tile Grout - lighten the color??

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Is it possible to somewhat lighten or bleach some color from tile grout?  I have a light tan colored tile with a darker brown grout.  Not certain how much of the color is dirt accumulated over the years and how much is associated to color.

What is the best thing to use to possibly remove some color and clean the grout at the same time?

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe a bleach pen (like for laundry--would put bleach on the grout only (will take time). Or just flood the area with bleach amd sponge off--bleach won't effect the tile, just the mortar (test first--make sure it doesn't eat away at the mortar). I think there may be products made especially to clean/bleach grout--maybe the web site?

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I had a call from some one that wanted their caulk redone and shower regrouted. The reseason for the regrouting was that was "dirty" and she could nto get it clean.

From things that I have heard it is more than just the cleaning product, but also the chemsitry used and that neutral PH cleaners will carry off the dirt where other leave it behind.

I suggested that she get some cleaner in the tile section specifically for cleaning ground from lowes. When I can back to do the caulk the grout looked like brand new.

Don't know what product that she used.

There are also grout colorants that you can get to change the color of grout.

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If you think it's a cleaning issue try a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water that's what my tile guy suggest. He says it's the best way to clean tile. 

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Aqua Mix makes grout colorants.  I'm planning on using this product soon but have not actually tried it yet.