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Tile Recommendation

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I built a detached 14'x14' storage building with a screen porch on the second level (accessed by a walkway from a second level deck).  The porch has a hip roof with 2' roof overhangs and will have solid railings (1/2 walls) around 3 of the 4 sides.  The 4th side will be screened floor to ceiling with railing/guards (view to a distant lake). The floor deck is significantly overbuilt with 2x12 floor joists 12" on center and 2 layers of 3/4" subfloor sheathing.  I then poured a pitched slab above that slopes like a big wedge out to the open side.

I researched different waterproofing products and for better or worse ended up with a Noble Deck membrane.  The drip edge is made for this application by Schulter.  The tiles are large format 12x24 glazed porcelain and frost/outdoor rated. 

I was going to use a friend who has a reasonable amount of experience to install the membrane and tile, but I am now thinking that I should get someone who is a true full-time tile installer to do the work. 

So two questions:

1. Anyone know of a tile installer who would be good for this project in Western Massachusetts (I'm guessing Tom Meehan who writes some FHB tile articles isn't interested in driving 3 hours each way from the cape :-) )?

2. There are a number of ways to have done this floor system with different pros/cons, but does the way I'm doing it raise any big red flags to anyone out there?


Hi there, It sounds like you (post #215177, reply #1 of 3)

Hi there, It sounds like you are on the right track, providing a robust substrate, and researching before diving in.  To answer your questions...  1)  No, I don't know anyone out that way.. I am closer to Boston.  2)  No, red flags for me, but I would suggest using top notch products for exterior tile in New England.  Tec Superflex or Laticrete Platinum I think are still the best and most flexible thinsets around.  I think very tight grout joints and epoxy grout would be a good idea too.  Looks like a fun project.  Good luck with it. 

How will you keep water from (post #215177, reply #2 of 3)

How will you keep water from running under the 1/2 high wall framing?  Do you have drainage in place?

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Good question: (post #215177, reply #3 of 3)

The floor pitches like a big wedge to the open side of the porch (no 1/2 wall on one side).  The tile will terminate over drip edge (a Schluter drip edge product), and the drip edge will kick the water out beyond face of the siding below.  The photo doesn't show the open side... This will be a covered screen porch with 2' overhangs, so I'm not expecting much more than mist on the inside, other than a few windy rain storms a year....  Depending on the screen system, I may need to hold screen panel(s) off the tile a little in order to allow water to drain out...