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Torsion Spring not turning

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This is a Garage Door Question

I have a Torsion Garage Door spring that needs to be wound or adjusted.  When I try to turn the spring with the rods, the pully bar turns with it even though I have losened the bolts.  

The question is, should I grease it?  Will that make it hard for the bolts on the spring to hold in place once I've wound the spring a few turns?

Thanks for your help.

Thiose bolts usually have (post #216087, reply #1 of 1)

Thiose bolts usually have pointed ends so when you tighten them up they bite into the pipe. First be sure they are backed out enough to get free of the holes they poke. Then put a pipe wrench on the pipe to hold it while you break the spring collar free.

I doubt grease will change anything either way. If they look rusted/corroded together a little WD40 might help.