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Transitioning from stained trim to white trim

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I have an area in my basement where I am going to build a bar. The area is in an alcove enclosed on 3 sides, but open on the 4 side to the rest of the finished basement. I would like to build out this alcove with stained wood chair rail and stained wainscoting with stained baseboard. The problem is, the rest of my house, including the rest of the finished basement, will have white doors, and white trim. I am wondering about how strange it will look to transition back to white trim as you leave the bar area. Any advice concerning this transition, if it's even possible, would be appreciated. It's a mess done there, but I did attach a picture of the bar alcove.     

travis (post #207249, reply #1 of 1)

Give some thought to keeping the wall treatment and trims-painted.

This will be in keeping with the existing.


Take the bar to stain-makes it stand out as would a pc. of furniture. 

Feature the bar, leave the rest of like the house.

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