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Trex rain escape

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Hi folks, I am planning a three season room with a deck above.  I am planning to bulild 12 in oc joists and want to use the Trex rain escape and enclose the ceiling below in the threee season room with tonge and grove board.  I have used rain escape before on a deck i bult to protect a crawl space and am very familar with the product.  My question is the house is located in virginia and we can get some pretty strong and violent downpours  Does anyone know if there is sufficient water removal with this product to handle such a large flow of water???

Thank y'all.


It will remove a lot of water (post #216369, reply #1 of 2)

It will remove a lot of water but I'd never install it over a finished space.

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Thanks sort of what i was (post #216369, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks sort of what i was thinking as well. My son is a civil engineer he felt the same.