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Un-Retired-Best Air Fittings

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Well, I enjoyed retirement, but it wasn't destined to last. I have a teenage son now and he want's to be a home builder. So I'm coming out of retirement to teach him how to build some houses. Now I have to re-tool and I want to get some opinions on the best air fittings. 

I'm not worried about price so much as I am about quality. That hissing noise has always been a pet peeve of mine. It drives me crazy.

I guess we should include hose repair couplings in the list.

So what are the opinions an the best fittings?


Kyle Melson

Homesmith Construction

Kyle (post #214594, reply #1 of 1)

Can't help much now that my long tome tool shop closed up.  I would buy senco hose from them and they'd fit it and the guns with u.s. made fittings.  I assumed supplied by senco but cannot verify.  These greyhoses primarily for framing.

Later for finish I bought a couple of flex eel and their fittings have performed like new for many yrs.


good luck on retirement.  A good reputation makes it agonizing to implement.

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