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Valspar polyurethane

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Saw Valspar polyurethane on sale for $17.99 a gallon.  Seems like I've always ended up paying more like $30+ for a quality polyurethane like Mautz or Varathane, because I once tried some really inexpensive no-name brand thinking "polyurethane is polyurethane", and regretted it.  Took forever to dry, didn't brush out well, strange cast to the gloss, etc.

But Valspar is a known big brand, right?  Any Valspar devottees out there?

Application will be as floor and trim finish.

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Takes forever to dry, doesn't brush out well, and sometimes has a strange cast to the gloss, etc. Last used it in 1970 when it was about the only game in town. Not bad if it's poured and the edge drips are contraolled.

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So what do you use now?

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Water based.

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"But Valspar is a known big brand, right?  Any Valspar devottees out there?"


Vaspar USED TO MAKE a great solvent based polyurethane years ago.  Then because of Federal EPA laws, they had to reformulate it.  The stuff on the shelves currently i one of THE WORST on the market.  I threw away a nearly full gallon can. It's that bad.

I personally use Minwax 'cause it's easy to get. I'm sure there are better ones out there, but it works for me.  Besides, cost should be a moot point.  How much time does it take to lay down a gallon?  Go for the best you can find.


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Thanks.  You're right...saving a few bucks and getting a crappy job is just plain not worth it.