Vaulted Ceiling

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Can anyone explain why the sheetrock always cracks on vaulted ceilings?  Why is it more prone to cracking than in the same room with a flat ceiling?

When that pole bends way down (post #207162, reply #1 of 2)

When that pole bends way down it places a lot of stress on them.

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a few possibilities- (post #207162, reply #2 of 2)

among them, more movement if trussed.

Longer framing members in a vault so more possibility for seasonal/heat/cool shrinkage being magnified.

Even with a ridge beam there'll be movement.

If not engineered properly, what's good enough structurally for a roof frame does not necessarily translate into fine for the sheetrock ceiling.


An engineer could draw the arrows of applied force and load that might make it more apparent.

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