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Veranda Decking from HD

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2.5 part question.....

Part 1:  Has anyone used the Veranda decking from Home Depot? Is it any good?

Part 1.5: I am looking at the "Redwood" colored decking, which claims not to fade. I wonder if it does or not.

Part 2: I have read that this style of decking gets hot. Would it be too hot for a dog's foot?


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don't know

probably yes

Spheramid Enterprises Architectural Woodworks

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Thanks Sphere....


No other feedback?

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A friend just put down about 400 square feet and so far loves it. He got a lighter color and it does not seem to get hot.

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Oh..oh..oh.. I know...

Part 1.  I installed 950 sqft.  Not bad.  might be a little softer than Trex.  It will scratch

Part 1.5.  I installed the grey.  B.S.  It does fade/ages.  but in a good way, at least the grey did.  Tip... make sure you but way more than you need and return the left over because the next batch probably won't match, nor will the various lengths.

Part 2.  I don't know.  I installed it in Wash.  It never gets over 80*  throw a piece in the sun and let you own footzies find out.

Also...                                                                                                                              I choose this brand because of the price. It was a lot cheaper than trex and I could get it delivered to my area.  the local lumber companies were gouging HO's and contractors.  PLUS... get a 10% discount HP (or even one from Lowes, they will match) and you will save more. 




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1.  Yes, I installed the gray.

2.  No idea about that color.

3.  It gets quite hot here in Florida where I installed it but my dog doesn't seem to mind.