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Wall covering behind cooktop

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Is there a code that addresses what materials are suitable for use behind  cooktop? I would like to use beadboard behind our gas stove, but it seems like it could be a problem. Seems like many kitchens have only drywall. Is drywall non-flammable? Seems like the paper face and paint would burn easily.

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The first place to start is the manufacturers's instructions for the cooktop.  I've been through cooking appliance clearance issues with building inspectors, and they always refer to the manf instructions.  Don't know anything specific about what codes might be in place, and even if I did, it would be for where I live, not for where you live.

A few other thoughts: not trying to not pick but let's get some terminology straight here: first you said cooktop, then you said stove.  To me, these are 2 different appliances, a cooktop generally being a unit that drops down in a hole cut in the counter, a stove being a free standing range.  Guessing that you mean a free standing range, does it have a built in backsplash?  If it does have an integral backsplash, I'd venture an educated guess that you can put anything behind it you want to.  If it does not have a backsplash, to me, beadboard would not be a very sensible material, from a washability standpoint.

Re the fire retardant properties of drywall - no it is not "non-flamable" - but it is fire retardant.  For example a 30 minute fire wall between a house and a garage may require a drywall covering on both the house and garage sides of the wall.

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The installation instructions were the first place that I looked. This is the only quote regarding wall coverings:

Wall coverings, counters and cabinets around range must withstand heat (up to 194°F) generated by the range.

So I guess I can put up just about anything based on that language. however, the cleaning issue that you and others mention will ultimately weigh on the decision.

By the way, it is a slide-in range (i.e., no backsplash). No worries about the "not picking", although in this case it should make very little difference other than the backsplash. GE distinguishes between models with and without backsplashes as freestanding vs. slide-in.

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Lew, I have been hanging wallcovering for 20 years and not 1 issue has ever come up with flammability. In my personnal opinion, I would go with tile in that application. With a wallcovering, staining, grease, etc. is the main issue. Presently I am installing a tumbled marble above our backsplash.

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Anything that won't burn; stainless steel, copper, tile, stone etc.