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water drainage

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I  own a single-family home on a slab in Metro New Orleans. It had app 3ft of water inside from Katrina. It is adjacent to the Fairgrounds Race Track barn area. The barn area was built up at some time, and  paved.  It is app  2 1/2 feet higher than my property which is contiguous with theirs, except for a chain-link fence. When it rains, water runs off their property into my yard and up against the lowest part of my slab, where it seeps into the house. There is one ditch behind the house, and no ditches or drains at all in the front. I have called the city numerous times to try to get either the ditches dug and cleaned out and/or locate drains along the front street to no avail. I have spoke to the neighborhood liason at the racetrack, to no avail....what are my recourses???

Letters from an attorney (post #207050, reply #1 of 2)

Letters from an attorney might start getting attention.

YAY!  I love WYSISYG editing!  And Spellcheck!


Yep, you'll have to take (post #207050, reply #2 of 2)

Yep, you'll have to take legal action.  Best if you can find some neighbors with the same problem to band together.

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