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In way over their head.

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In way over their head. (post #215345)

This was posted on a forum for my neighborhood. I didn't want to get sarcastic there. That wouldn't have been helpful and might have gotten me in hot water. But.... If you can't even repair drywall or hang backer board how do you think you can set frigging tile? 


"Drywall repair (kind of urgent)

I removed the solid surface backsplash from my kitchen wall to replace it with tiles, but the original wall (plaster?) has holes and is crumbling. Can someone recommend a good contractor or a handyman who can fix the wall for me to install tiles? Thank you!"

Actually, setting backsplash (post #215345, reply #1 of 2)

Actually, setting backsplash tile is relatively simple -- if the surface is is good shape.  You can easily get away with simple mastic, and the grouting doesn't have to be especially sound -- just not too ugly.

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But we watched (post #215345, reply #2 of 2)

But, we watched three different TV shows and none of them said anything about this. Its their fault.