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Weso Ceramic Tile Stove???

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Hello to all,

I've got this wood/coal burning stove that was made in Germany and would like to know if anyone has "rebuilt" anything like this. It's a modular, cast iron unit that has tile around it so that you could touch it for a short time and not get burned. The tile also adds to the beauty of the unit. If you wanted or had to you could cook on it's top, which has a enamyl coated cast iron grill.

1. Where can I get parts and information on this product?

2. As of right now it looks like I would need something to replace the Asbestos Rope, the furnace cement that was used on all seems, and some of the screws which are metric of course.

3. I have two screws that have snapped in the unit, what is the best way to remove with out damaging the cast iron?

4. The back plate has a crack, what is the best way to repair?

5. Can this type of stove be coverted to burn the wood pellets, or even the gas log, and what would be neede for a chimney?

My guess is that someone from the northern part of the north-east US or Canada would have seen or used this type of stove. 

Thanks in advance for any and all help,

Turtle boy.

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try a google

it is probably not asbestos, and is easily replaced. Many hardware stores will carry this.

drill and easy out. or drill and retap, or bring to tool shop.

cast iron can be welded by a qualified welder with the right tools.

That is all I can tell you.

Good luck,


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Check although it looks like they are out of the stove business you might email them anyway (it's free) ;~)





The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and the devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man.
- Fyodor Dostoyevski





The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and the devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man.

- Fyodor Dostoyevski

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good plumbing supply house or fireplace/stove shop will have non-asbestos rope, it's still used for door gasketing    same places, even hd for the boiler/refractory cement used for sealing     have couple of old stoves, friend used to refurbish them   he liked to burn the screws out w a torch because they didn't take well to drill/taps after taking all that usage heat    remove any tiles first that could be damaged          what someone else said on cracks, good welder can fix that      if not designed for pellets, they're not going to work, they need a self feeding hopper, etc.        lot of antique stove dealers around who refurbish    they can often convert to kerosene or gas/propane, need safety stuff like regulators etc for fuel you go with                         if manufacturer won't send info, iron stove rebuilders can handle it

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Try for the Stove door gasket (rope). They also sell a furnace and stove cement to hold it in place. Can't offer any more help. Lehmans is fun to look at anyway.


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