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what company MADE aluminum clad windows but not the sills alum clad

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Drove the 100 plus miles to buy these used windows and one patio   door.. they were advertised as aluminum clad..with pine interiors Owner said he took them out of his home, he was on a farm, said his home I believe built in the (90s....or late 1980s...

. So I assumed they were aluminum clad like my other home.. I am used to Pella windows and doors

. we installed ourselves over the years, slowly changed out all the old single glazed wooden windows...

 since it wasnt a fortune Hubby decided to buy them anyway..... Daylight was fading , cold outside muddy area, long drive back home...

 So what manufacture made these double hung tilt in aluminum clad windows     ?  the siils seems to be "white Masonite" I calle it... To me aluminum clad  means whole outside......

Rah,  prob will be sorry bought them esp wasting the time and gasoline to drive there

Now this home recently acquired has old like 1980s white peeling painted windows, fogged..... Patio door is bottom rotting and center stile rotting and peeling...

 Only tag stapled on the wooden jamb (of the 8 windows) is partly there, says "premium"     I think Carrado might have made theres windows... Cause I searched other forums and someone  mentioned  the word "premium in their post.

Thanks all from this old money pit house,


jean (post #207270, reply #1 of 1)

No answer for your main question about the sills not being clad.  Other than you could perhaps redo this "sill" using pvc or perhaps make up some composite sills from Trex-like material.  If more than just applied to the surface of the frame, you might have a job on your hands.

But, if a Caradco window-Jeldwen bought them up I believe-you might still be able to get parts if needed  (might).

If Caradco-not a great purchase-especially if weatherstripping parts are unavailable.  Same with the jamb liners containing the tension devices.

A long time ago I changed my naming of this window company to Carapco.

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