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What happens if no final inspection

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Can someone tell me what happens if we never get the final inspection done on our remodel. We had all the inspections while the contractor was doing the project but never got the final inspection done as I was building the deck as opposed to the Contractor. Passed all of them (not sure how the electrical passed (I opened the box and found breakers with multiple wires connected). I've fixed those. The GC had moved on to another job by the time I was done. I'm a bit worried about the stairs on the deck are off enough to cause a rejection of the final inspection (last step down to the patio is an inch out). The GC doesn't seem concerned about the final inspection. What are the consequences of never getting that final inspection done. I'm assuming it would be something dealing with insurance?

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It becomes a BIG problem in most areas when you go to sell your house!

Know of a few that lost the sale of their home due to it. Call the building dept, make it right. You will sleep better at night.

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Yep yur right! My sister brought a home while back and had the home insp. check it over before closing the deal. What they found was the ground pool that wasn't report in the building permit. They were going to go after my sister for all those years without paying taxes on it. She told them they brought that house and it was there before them. Sure enough they went to the orginal owner for that and fined them and they had to pay all those year's missed taxes!

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How`d the GC get a final payment without a final inspection?


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That'll depend on where you are.  Central Va, no biggie other than the building department will harrass you for awhile before they give up.  Friends bought a newish house that was never even permitted as a house.  Got a mortgage, pay taxes, no problem.  Resale is not an issue here.  Nor is insurance.

Same subdivision, another house (previous employee) was permitted 4 times for one thing or another, none completed.  On my advice a prospective buyer checked with inspections as to the current status.  They didn't have a clue and suggested a meeting and yet another permit to clear things up.  Current owner didn't bother and is happily living there now.


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Here you don't get power without the CO.

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In my town in central NJ they won't issue a CO on a house with an open permit.

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People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit.

Rich Knab
People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit.

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I got my final four years later on my last home. The only reason I did, was when I was selling it the buyer wanted the C.O.. It was a similar situation I did most of the work myself, got all the behind the scenes inspections. My priority was moving back in. In that Four years nobody said a thing. I thought I was going to have heck to pay at the building Dept., $30 re-permit fee, a few quick inspections and done. Believe it or not, this is a tough building dept.

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I don't understand this CO thing. We were in the house the whole time the remodel was going on. There was never anything brought up regarding a Certificate of Occupancy. We lived here during the whole thing so the power was never off. We only had the kitchen remodeled and a 180 sq. ft addition (mudroom and bathroom) added.

There has also been a ton of issues with the town inspector and other town officials (culminating with his being fired a few months ago so the building dept. is a mess). We plan to be here for the next 20 years anyway so selling isn't a problem (at least not now). I'll probably call them after I finish another little project that has now been started.

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Just got called back on a house we did 2 years ago, the "new" prospective owner (previous owner went to prison for embezzling) asked us to do a reinspection of our electrical work and pull a new permit, as the original permit had expired. Seems we were the only one out of 6 subcontractors that had pulled permits  on the job.The GC who has now disappeared never called for inspections!! The new owner had gotten a price to remove and reinstall all the sheetrock ($35K) used it to negotiate the $ of the house, bought it and moved in. it appears if they live there for 7 years they are automatically issued a Certificate of Occupancy!!!! (This is in Waterford, CT )

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The power comany will notify the inspector that no final went through. If you wait over a year you will have to pay the fees again.

Call your inspector. A lot of areas are different . Youre not going to win doing nothing.




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Can someone tell me what happens if we never get the final inspection done on our remodel"


It all depends on where you live.

Out here in SE WI (at least in my town) we don't have CO's, and there are no records on file of any house built prior to 1970.  Pretty much do whatever you want on a house built prior.

Back East, they'll fine you for putting up a bird feeder without a permit.

So it all depends on where you live.


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True what you say there my friend. I live in Pa near Philly and I made the mistake of ribbing the &^%#$ people at the building dept for being so nuts about stuff. I told them I was rearranging my living room furniture and changing the towels in the bathroom and who do I see about getting a permit for that. Oh they loved that alright...