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What's a Square of Shingles Weigh?

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I know I wrote this down somewhere, but can't find it now....

I'm bidding on a re-roof job and need to estimate disposal costs. What does a square (100 sq ft) of 3-tab asphalt shingles weigh?


Al Mollitor Sharon, MA

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Since they call 'em 235# shingles, I always figured that's about what they weigh per square.

We figure the weight at about 2.2 PSF per layer for design loads, so that sounds about right.........

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maybe 205# for cheap 20 year shingles 3 bundles per square. Easily 300#-320# plus for 50 year shingles 4 bundles per square.

they do loose a little weight as they age.

here----disposal costs would be based on volume ----weight wouldn't enter into it.

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"they do loose a little weight as they age."

If shingles do that why do shinglers gain weight as they age.

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Well Bill,

in my inflated case it has something to do with mostly laying around on the couch december,january,february, march.

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Real world-about 10 sq/ton for estimating. 

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Remember to LOOK UNDER the first layer of visible shingles on the roof. You might be tearing off a roof with 2 or 3 layers on it.  That will sure ruin your estimating day!