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where to bid for cabinetry jobs ?'s picture

Hi everybody,

I am new on the forum and I'm searching for answers. I am specialized in cabinerty (residential /comercial) and what I want to do,  is to let go with the company I work for , and be on my own. I just  got my Contractor License and I have my work-shop, but I have no idea how to generate work flow. So far, I only had side jobs through refferals, but now I need much more, especialy with a growing family. I think bidding is the thing to try but no Idea where to search for reliable website or  anything about bidding process.

Any tips will help


you can start by putting a (post #207053, reply #1 of 2)

you can start by putting a free ad on craigslist and paying for a small ad in your local newspaper.  if you want something a little better, you can sign up with a lead referal service.  alot of contractors complain about them, as i did when i first tried one, but in the last year of me using a lead referal service, i spent probably about $3,000 - $3,500 for leads which generated over $250,000 or so worth of work for my company.  i haven't used a lead referal service for about 2 years now as all of my work is finally coming from referals.  it's a slow process but if you stick with it, do good work, keep your customes happy, you'll be successful.