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Which size compound miter saw?

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Hi, Everyone

I'm about to buy a compound miter saw but need to know if I should get a 10" or 12".  Most of my cutting is for 4" PVC pipe, but I have lots of wood projects coming up, and will be using it to cut 4x4's, too (probably a 10" would do this).  The rest of the big sizes, e.g., 4x8, 4x12 chunks I will probably have to saw by hand.    It's the bugaboo of the round PVC that I need to address as a priority.  I really need to do this on my own, instead of plotting a quiet Wednesday morning to sweetly beg the guys at Home Depot to cut a 10' piece into 8" pieces.  ;-) 




12'' (post #215767, reply #1 of 2)

10" is easier to tote around, less expensive and blades are cheaper. If you only need to cut 2x4 blocks or smaller trim the 10" is handy. But the capacity of the 12" is such an advantage I'd say go 12".  And if you are mostly cutting pvc or rough cuts there are a lot of cheap chinese 12" blades available.


4x12s (post #215767, reply #2 of 2)

I'd opt for a SLIDING compound miter saw. I'd go for the 12". If 4" dia. PVC is your foremost concern I suppose a cheapo standard (non-sliding) 10-incher will do. It can't handle 4x12 material...sigh. For these, you'd have to do the cut in two passes.

Mel Fros