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AFM Safecoat Caulking Compound vs Eco-bond

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Hi everyone,
I'm looking at caulking the corners of the floor of my tile shower and looking into using AFM Safecoat Caulking Compound vs Eco-bond kitchen/bath. Has anyone had any experience with either product and would you recommend/not recommend either?
Thanks so much for the help!

I usually stick with (post #209052, reply #1 of 1)

I usually stick with Dap.

The first key to caulking is that you don't put it ON something, you put it IN.  Don't smear it on the surface and expect it to work; instead, scrape out the old caulk so you have a joint you an insert the caulk into.

The second key (for bathroom caulk) is to get the joint perfectly clean -- scrape clean, then rinse with water to remove soap scum, then with alcohol to dry the water.  And, if none of the surfaces are plastic, wipe with acetone (well ventilated!).  Acetone appears to improve adhesion to any slight amount of old caulk that may remain.

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