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Earthships- bermed tire wall construction

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Howdy, i have had way too much free time so i have been reading about earthship homes and watching some yuo tube videos. But  I wonder why they cost a little more then a conventional home?  Tire pounding by sledge hammer seems like folly- A hydrolic jack would sure cut out  many hours of labor.

See if you can find the video (post #209042, reply #1 of 3)

See if you can find the video about building Dennis Weaver's house -- they used a "pogo stick" air tool.

(I suspect that pounding works better than the static pressure you'd get with a hydraulic jack.  Besides, what would you have the other end of the jack press on?)

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That is a great video an Mr (post #209042, reply #2 of 3)

That is a great video an Mr Weaver was ahead of his time in constucting that home. There is a video of a home made jack pretty simple works like drum brakes- might even be two truck brakes with a ram that pushes out both..

I should have responded to (post #209042, reply #3 of 3)

I should have responded to this earlier. See my post on tire bales, for bermed earth homes. If you search my name, you'll also find an older post, with many more pictures.