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Green Roofing

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Quite exited about building my new residence. I have already incorporated green roof into my house design in order to make my structure energy efficient. I need to know few more ways to design an energy efficient home. I am looking for ideas... Thanks!

' building my new (post #212509, reply #1 of 3)

' building my new residence'

does that mean you are actually building it or hiring a contractor?  WHY do you want 'green'?

Area of the country?  Makes a big difference for actual ideas,  e.g. GSHP; or, nat gas heat from local well,  Solar insolation?  Desert, mountain, swamp, or ice??  etc. 

You can get rid of a LOT of 'green' simply following the latest 'green' fads. 

 If you are doing it only to say 'look how 'green' I am to your liberal friends, spend big bucks on 'certified' designers, etc.

If you truly want to be a conservationist, AND want to save big $$ while not causing any trees to be cut or iron mined, etc.,  biggest ecological contribution If you are a 'tru believer' would be to buy nearly all your material salvage, surplus, etc.  Habitat stores are your friend. 

If you DIY build and spend 3 or 4 years accumulating recycled material first, you can DIY build for UNDER $10 sq ft vs. >$200 sq ft if you simply hire a 'green' builder.   And that is NOT shoddy level of materials either.

Building below was built for $7.68 sq ft inclusive of ALL materials, plus $1.87 for permits (ugh).     8" wall insulation, SEER 20 HP, etc. Note: the HP was over $1 of the total. 

examples:  'fancy window' was a return for $190, list price was $1700

bookcase 100% scrap, muchwas free pallets off craigslist, back was free CL leftover flooring free

lower kitchenette all free from CL, upper ws $5 off CL, micorwave free at a garage sale, needed only a 50 cent fuse to fix. 

bobcat is part of own 'tool set'

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btw, here is a green roof  (post #212509, reply #2 of 3)

btw, here is a green roof 

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I think we all know what a (post #212509, reply #3 of 3)

I think we all know what a green roof is.That was Junkhound's great attempt at humor...