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Have u guys seen the windmill farm

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This is the mostly completed windmill farm about 1/2 hour from where I live on tug hill-apparently the most consistently windy spot on earth- lots of uproar and theres a certain road I drove down where you get a real good look and its hard to put in words its pretty amazing, dominates the landscape. theres almost 200 of them up there.  Heres a good article about how people feel around here.  I tried to take pics but they don't let you realize the mass of it. To get a good idea what you really see imagine ten of these pictures side by side and that's your view. 

A guy I work with is signing up in cape Vincent, that's probably the next big spot.  Its about an hour from these pics, different company and they tell him average of just under 10,000 per year per windmill for him, hell take 2.  These are pics if found on yahoo.  Of course the concept is great but just how many of these is it going to take to really make an impact Im thinking they would have to be everywhere you look.  Thoughts?

Farms give way to the Farm by oldmandigital.

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I have one of these farms near me (Tehachapi).  Definitely dominates the landscape - wouldn't want to live anywhere near one... but then again, I'd rather live near those things than a nuclear power plant!

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Huck, less that 50 miles from those windmills are 3 nuclear power plants.

Upstate NY is the power generation capital for NYC.  Can't produce it in NYC, god help them if the produced some of their own power

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Danno, there is an article in the Utica observer dispatch this morning about the complaining that is going on.  They state 6000/ windmill is their compensation.

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Might you have a link to that story. I failed to locate that particular story via a search.



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Might be the same link as in the first post.

I read the article on yahoo news when it first hit and remember a mention of the land owners being paid the 6k.

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 It was said one reason the companies liked the area is ease in transporting the 40ft long blades on the lake instead of trucking them in.


gimmie a break, a friggin' break.

where's GWA when you need 'em?



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I think the blades are over 100 ft. long and the poles are around 300ft. high

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I saw a blade being trucked in the other direction on the expressway. Definitely longer than the standard 55' semi-trailer and into the "oversize load" category. 100' may be about right.

There is a wind farm in the town where my wife and youngest daughter went to college. It is really flat there and generally known as 'windy."

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I will try to find.

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Try this link

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You are right about that 6000 that is for the ones on tug hill, I have heard its a little more maybe its 6 after taxes?.  Supposedly the other ones are bigger and they say payout is avg. 10,0000 I think realistic est. is 8500.  Its a different company too. They also told him 4900 if the windmill sits there and is inoperable. 

Seems to be par for the couse with these things you know how the rumor mill works.  But I do know they do also pay neighbors like 1000 a year for the inconvinece, seems pretty low but they have to agree to it so its up to them

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Huck, less that 50 miles from those windmills are 3 nuclear power plants.

I didn't know that there are three of them.  Where are they? 


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Oswego, and they are preparing the papers to build another one!!!!!!!!!!

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"Oswego, and they are preparing the papers to build another one!!!!!!!!!!"

 They still gotta be quieter than the Super Modifieds (race cars) :)!

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Anything is quieter!!>G<

My grandparentts used to live there and on Sat nites all summer you knew they were there.

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The windmills or your grandparents? And why only on Saturday nights?

The second question requires less of an answer depending on the answer to your first question.


Family.....They're always there when they need you.


Family.....They're always there when they need you.

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Sat nite racing nite in oswego!!!!!!!!

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Family.....They're always there when they need you.


Family.....They're always there when they need you.

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Sorry it wasn't more exciting.

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There are four nukes in upstate nyark; Syracuse, Rochester, Buchanon and Oswego

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Tim, there are 3 operating in Oswego alone!

Another on the drawing board right now!

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There are three nuclear power plant units on the 900 acre site, which include the Nine Mile Point power plant and the Fitzpatrick power plant. NMP is ususally attributed to being "in" Syracuse vs. Oswego. The units are never located in cities, just somewhat near them. I consider the two units at NMP as one power plant. Semantics, I suppose.

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with those 3 nuclear plants and windmills on the tug hill plateau, windmills in Madison county and many more planned.

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I for one, would have no prblem living near a nuclear plant. Or a windmill.

If anyone is unwilling to be near the source of their electricity, shut it off. All of those environmentalist on Nantucket (replublicans are not allowed to get off the boat, and ALL good democrats are sensitive environmentalists, right?) or was it Cape Cod?, raised all billy heck when an offshore wind farm was proposed. Would spoil their view, so it was said. Cut the power and see what happens.

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 right?) or was it Cape Cod?, raised all billy heck when an offshore wind farm was proposed. Would spoil their view,


If you read the cape cod news online, they are still fighting the proposal.  It looks like the people that want unspoiled view are loosing right now.

I live in upstate NY and get pissed off when people in NYC refuse to allow nuclear plants around them, like they are special.

There is a big discussion going on now about new power lines to NYC, through upstate villages and cities.

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The proposed wind farm is off Nantucket sound and the battle still continues.

The 'view' if the turbines are built is the equivalent of holding a half a toothpick between your fingers at arms length on the horizon.

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All I recall of the story is the gross hypocrisy of the whole thing.

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Where do you live, you sound like a west Texas boy-------WW 57

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Grew up around Snyder, Sweetwater area...get back there ever so often...  I saw that you haven't filled out your background and are a newbie to this forum...  Where are you?

One "Good-Ole" wind turbine company bought 170 hams from one of the county school's FFA classes and had the Ag class kids deliver them to all those they leased land from....  Big of 'em...since they paid ONE DOLLAR an acre to lease wind farm land...

Go back and see my disgust and total DISTRUST of wind turbine companies in that area....  Used Car Salesman rank higher...


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