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heating an attic

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heating an attic (post #179240)

I've moved into an old Victorian and have a full, floored, untouched attic to build a bedroom in....not planning anything fancy, more of a guest room. House has central HVAC. getting ducting to the attic would be difficult, and most likely beyond the current systems useful capacity.
Anyone care to suggest the greenest way to make a livable space up there?

(I'm in Buffalo, NY.........)

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Insulate the rafter bays with dense-packed cellulose, and add foam sheets either inside or outside of the roof assembly to get a total R-value of 49 if possible.  Then install a Rennai or Toyo Propane or NG-fired space heater.  You just need a 120V outlet and a gas line.  A well-insulated roof along with heat rising from the lower floors will keep the heater from having to operate often. 

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Open the windows in the summer and install a ceiling fan!

Or insulate the rafters, your choice..

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right back atcha

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Insulate, of course. And then install a motel-style heat pump.

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Mini split heat pump.

And insulate, but make sure your roofing material can deal with no air circulation... or do it so the roof is still vented.