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New Web site

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Check out a useful new green building Web site -- a joint effort of Taunton and Environmental Building News:


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Very Nice...

We really need resources like this.

I will be spending time there.

John Brooks

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Are you going to the NAHB Green Conference in Dallas next month? If so I'd love to have a cup of coffee or a beer with you.



"You cannot work hard enough to make up for a sloppy estimate."


"You cannot work hard enough to make up for a sloppy estimate."

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I have to say it again..

I like the new site.. It has taken me a little while to navigate to some of the areas...maybe because it is under construction.

When are you going to start promoting it more widely?

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Chris Ermides wrote about the site in the lastest FHB (#201). You can find it here:


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Thanks Robyn,

I only have the online magazine now..I dropped the paper copy..guess I just missed the anouncement.

I just want to point out that here is a lot of free info there..

And I understand that you have to pay for it somehow.

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Thanks for subscribing to the site; we really appreciate it. We just went live with the current issue this morning. 

Thanks also for your feedback,

Thanks for the link, I'll (post #157731, reply #9 of 13)

Thanks for the link, I'll bookmark these website, it's very informative!

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I guess you have to make a buck.

I think you are charging for information that is freely available elsewhere. I would recommend and then search  for green building stuff. has good info and links on specific subjects.

Since humanity needs to act on sustainability and energy use it is counterproductive to be "hiding" information from those who need it most.

Let the green movement be open source.



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Much of the information on the site is free. Those who value the information that requires a subscription fee may be interested in subscribing; for others, the free sections of the Web site are still worth checking out.

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Thank you for providing the link and creating a useful website, I think there are not many websites with such theme. I found some good and informative pages there.

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at the bottom of these forum pages, there's all sorts of link to informative (including the GBA).

I thought you would be familiar with this forum and all the wings offered, by now.


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Nice website for building,designing, and renovating homes. I always check sources for remodeling becz I like experimenting new things for my home. 

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Very nice website, how is it going are you getting much traffic?