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non-toxic joint compound

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are there any joint compounds that don't have v.o.c.'s and vinyl? i'm building a new house and i'm trying to keep the indoor air quality at it's best,and don't neccesarily want to plaster the entire wall area.  thanks

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Justin Fink - FHB Editorial

Justin Fink - FHB Editorial

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Welcmoe to Breaktime.

I see you're a stone farmer. How deep to you have to plant stones in order to get a good crop ???


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depends on the frost line.

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I'm at a similar point in my housebuilding project, and curious what you decided on the drywall joint compound.  I see that the Proform Ultra mentioned in this thread is indeed VOC and vinyl free, but I am not able to get it locally.  The USG Sheetrock brand joint compound (the stuff that seems to be for sale in all the stores) is VOC free, but does contain vinyl alcohol polymer. 

Have you found any other alternatives?




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the only thing i've heard of was the pro form from national gypsum. i've just finished my foundation,so i haven't been seeking too adamantly. let me know if you come across anything,    thanks

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