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"Steebrook" friends (and foes)

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Here is a great resource for "high performance" home building

I think the Lstiburek, Pettit and Straube Videos are exceptional.

They are not about what to use or how to space it.

Who could argue ?

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I followed the link you posted, but only got to an introductry page.  Couldn't navigate beyond that page to read any content.  Hard to comment from what I saw.

I think lots of "leading edge" proponents, of whatever subject, get caught up in the celebrity status associated with their field and spend more time and energy presenting their ideas than they do making further advances.  This has proven true in virtually all walks of life.

I am optimistic about the advances we are making in building science, but frankly a little confused.  There's something to be said for opening a window a crack.

Remodeling contractor who once visited the Glass City.

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Jim, click on the word videos at the top of the page and then scroll down

there are many good videos. Lstiburek, Pettit and Straube are near the bottom half of the list. They continue to research and fine tune ...their ideas ARE evolving.

If you are looking for very up to date stuff go to and look for the lecture handout material.

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Jim, when you open the may need to resize your window to see the options at the top of the page.

Opening the windows a crack is a good option when the outside condition is better than the inside condition. In Texas we use a lot of energy reducing the humidity and the temperature.      John

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I second tha, there are some very good resources on this site.



"You cannot work hard enough to make up for a sloppy estimate."


"You cannot work hard enough to make up for a sloppy estimate."

link to more Lstiburek Videos (post #157594, reply #5 of 5)