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Venting a patio

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I am building our home in dallas texas.  The main house is built out of structural insulated panels (SIPS).  However, the covered patio, which is attached to the house, is stick framed.  The patio roof cavity  is about 3' from the ceiling to the roof and about 12'x20' overall.  The roof is a slightly sloped flat roof covered with white TPO.   Three side of the patio are open with the forth side, attached to the SIPS wall of the home.  I am concerned about siting below an oven during the heat of the summer, however it is  in the high nineties as I write this, and it doesn't feel hotter than normal.  The architecht is recommending that we vent the roof with intake on one side and outtake at the other end.  Is it nessesary and are there any special considerations?

I assume this is not an (post #210248, reply #1 of 3)

I assume this is not an enclosed patio, just covered?

I don't see how it could hurt to vent the "attic", other than appearance-wise, but it's unclear how much it might help.  Precisely how to vent would depend on the structure and layout.

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If it is 110 deg. outside in the shade, it will be it will be 110 deg. under your patio roof whether  you vent it or not. 

You might want to check with your roofing manufacture and see what they say about their material warranty over an unvented attic. 

Your not going to get much air movement in a flat roof attic with the method that the Archy is describing.  If you have a soffiit, you could install soffit vents and low profile roof vents.

Attic insulation would probably do more good to reduce the temp. of the ceiling than venting, but neither will be enough to feel the difference as you sit on your patio and relax with a cold one-------after the sun goes down..

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I think the architect was right,he was professional at this,

Did you need a few flower boxes for your patio? hha ,Just a kidding,

Hope your patio will be better!