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Water heater reviews needed

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I"m looking to install a new super efficient water heating system in my home, and wanted to know if anyone had experience with a Navien condensing tankless system (I would only want a tankless that worked at super low or no minimum flow rate so i dont waste water or have to wait so long for hot water to turn on), or a gas condensing tank water heater (I had some info on AOSmith Vertex models).
I have a two story, one shower, 2 bath home, and just myself living here.
Any reviews or suggestions appreciated!


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You know of course that tankless units don't save energy in most circumstances. Standby losses from good quality tank units are minimal, so you only save with a tankless if the unit isn't used for relatively long periods of time (generally days).

To avoid the wait for hot water you can of course use a circulating system (one of several varieties), or use small point-of-use electric heaters in series with the main water heater.

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