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Anyone in Houston

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My 'recession proof' job didn't quite turn out to be so. I'm looking high, low, and in between for someone needing a seasoned pro with a diverse skill set in remodeling and renovation work. I'm great with customers, can manage a crew, and take care of whatever problems which might arise. So if anyone is looking for help or knows of someone, please contact me here and I'll provide contact info. Thanks all.

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You need to move to Austin and start a roofing business!

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That's a young man's game.  Besides, I like eating sawdust too much...

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 Not if you have some revolutionary secret that you cannot reveal that will make you rich!

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Aha! someone did get it!

And I thought it was going to go unnoticed!

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There is a thread in the business section titled "why do I love the roofing business?" that was started by a well respected regular here who recently moved to Austin from Michigan and finds himself in the roofing business.

Your skillset as described in your post is not that different from his I don't think, and if he can do it....

I jumped in when someone asked him a question about marketing and his answer was that he was not at liberty to divulge that information, and I described a bad experience I had with a very unscrupulous roofing business....

The thing that got me going was the secrecy, every unscrupulous contractor I ever met had all these "business secrets". If anybody found out the truth they wouldn't be able to make as much money/keep their crews.

Just because someone is playing it close to the vest doesn't mean they are unscrupulous however.