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Decorative Stone Mason for Hire

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Stone Mason in the Ann Arbor Mi area willing to travel with in reason . Experienced from small stone remodeling to  lavish fire places and new construction. Pricing by the job or the square foot. Contact Frame Boss at

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How decorative are you? I'm trying to finish arranging a small garden and the neither the gnome or the bronze bullfrog seemed to get it. I'm wondering could we give you a try. Say get the lady in charge to arrange the pose and see how the light moves as the day progresses.

In terms of relative traits are decorative stone masons more of a Victorian or a craftsman touch. I would hate to have my architectural details clash. If things don't work out do you think that some of your friends would help out. Say a decorative framer, western ranch style might work if we add a Southern touch or two. I don't think decorative electrician is going to get it. Bauhaus and Southern cracker? I don't think so.

Is there a union? What are the going rates? Is there a group discount?

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 4 lorn1  I would like to thank you for wasting my time , and energy.

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It was the least I could do. :-)

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Don't be so grumpy, Frame Boss.

4Lorn was just teasing. A sense of humour helps one get through the day/week.

The advantage to you is that he activated your notice to bump it up so other forum visitors are more likely to see it. This folder doesn't see much use and can lie dormant at the bottom of the pile gathering cobwebs. Good luck.

Posting pictures of your work or a better description of what specialty you are looking for might help entice replies, too

Excellence is its own reward!



Oh Well,

We did the best we could...