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roofer in Bennington, Vt

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a good asphalt roofer in Bennington, VT? Recommendations on who to stay away from?




Greg in Connecticut

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  Greg I have a place just north of you. As a contrator I was disapointed to find what passes for accectable .We had our roof done by one of the larger companies and after a couple years some shingles stated sliding down .They did not want to own the problem. I attributed this to skip nailing (3 nails per instead of 4) .Think about it that would save 25% on labor . Now this was a big job and this only happened on some of the units .  My point is sometimes (most) bigger is not always better . Try looking for a local sm Fat/son operation and also ask some of the local quality builders who they use . I would look to see who is doing work in the Manchester ,North Beggington and surrounding areas. Also there are a lot of carps out of work up there now .

                                                               Good luck Chris


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Thanks for the reply. My friends son got four bids, one  alengthy reply with generic material descriptions, one with a shorter reply, with spelled out material choices, and two off the cuff, phone bids.

It was interesting to note the company that spelled out what material it was using, Grace ice and water, and triflex on the balance of the roof, and was 35% cheaper than the other bidder.and was a small local outfit.


Thanks again


Greg in Connecticut