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SF Bayarea

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20yr Carpenter start - finnish all phases residential renovation

 looking a new emolpyer inthe walnutcreek area

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Check Craigslist.  They have lots of jobs listed in the "Skilled Craft/Trades" section and you can also post your resume in the "Resumes" section.

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Where did you end up?

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took the test, now i'm licensed out on my own trying to build a business

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have you been working since, I am a walnut creek contractor and would like to here more about you

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yes... i'm always working. right now on a 2500 sf complete to the frame remodel in elkgrove. about me ahhh 20+ yr. remodeling start to finnish all phases and or a finnish carp. tooled up for just about anything.

heres my e-mail    >   < 


i am also trying to establish my own business (post #157395, reply #6 of 6)

hi mi  i am also trying to stablish my own business in california i am  c-17 glazer  i am working for a good  company

but my wish is to make it on my own i also do work as an electrician,cabinet maker ,framer,drywaller, i like what i do

for a living i did work for   L A bullet proof equipment co. for  fiftheen years as foreman

manufacturing and installing bullet resistant  walls,windows,bandid barriers , ticket windows , teller stations,

hotels and motels nigth service windows .rotary shields. package passers , guard booht , drive thru service windows ,

amusement parks ,police stations , federal buildings ,banks, check cashing  facilities and many others were  money and

paper work transaction were needed  also fabricating many types of doors of diferent ballistic levels 1 thru 8 depending

on usage purposes .i am an expert on glass,lexan,lexguard,plexiglass,keblar,steel armour shot and other bullet resistant

materials, and non bullet resistant like storefronts,custom entrances,mall stores entrances.

I have experience as a super intendent in construction for   MG wire general contractors.

where i have the chance to practice my experties in many faces in construction

well i can write about what i do for ever

I will like to meet friends than help me with tips how to find jobs or if you have a business share how you doing in

the business world thanks