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Slate Roofer Albany, NY area

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I need a slate roof installer for a new home I'm building in the Albany, NY area.

Slate will be either 12 or 14 inches tall, random widths.

Roof is 22 square, 10/12 pitch, two valleys, six skylights, pretty straight forward.

Roof structure should be ready first part of November.






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good luck with your ad. I used to roof in Albany. Grew up in Hudson. Where you at?

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I'm in Delmar, 6.5 miles southwest of Albany.  I have found a local fellow, Tim Smith, who is going to slate the roof.  Ever heard of him?

In what part of the country are you hanging your hat?


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Never heard of him. The only roofer I know up there is the one we used to Sub from and I couldnt remember his name for the life of me. Im down in Virginia Beach now. Been here for 2 years. Left Hudson in 88 after high school, went to Kingtson, New Paltz and Newburgh til two years ago, when I came down here. Got my own GC thing here now and things are rockin. I was up in your neck of the woods last year at the horse track. Things are a little warmer down here for me....couldnt deal with those NY winters anymore.