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Suggestions on roof/eavestrough Co.

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You might remember me?  I had asked for some help a few months ago regarding a musty smell from my basement, possibly caused by a piece of 2X4 wood running along my concrete floor and supporting my stairs.  Well, the problem has been resolved.  With some help from a contractor, it turns out that the smell was coming from my drain (as one listener suggested).  As well, I'm getting considerable water pouring in between my eaves and roof and landing near my foundation.  The drain was fixed and cleaned, but now I need to repair my eaves as well.

I had hired Maize last year but the poor workmanship they have done, has actually even made it worse then before and they are not honouring their 25 year warranty, so I'm off to find another reliable/honest contractor who stands by their workmanship.  If anyone has any general advice on how typical eavestroughs are supposed to be setup that would also be great.

Maize only left 1 section of my entire roof, for downspouts, but I noticed many of my neighbours have 3 or 4 downspouts on their homes, not just one.  Also, they used nails with spacers instead of the metal brackets with screws that Home Depot sells.  Shouldn't they have used the screws to make the eaves flush with the Fascia and also to give the eaves more strength with the weight of the water and snow over time?  Any advice on this would also be great. 

Please let me know your thoughts on this and thank you in advance, as always.


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Where are you located?

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I am located in Ottawa, Ontario.


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Maize used spike & ferrule... .... very, very common... also very substandard... even though it is practically industry standard

the correct hanger for k-style aluminum gutter ( my choice , anyway ) is fascia hanger with SS screws... these hangers  (and  all others ) should be placed no more than apx 2' oc

downspout numbes  locations depend on roof areas and configurations

gutters & downspouts are not rocket science but it amazing how many are poorly installed... probably a function of tninking that anyone can do it and one job is as good as another

and it doesn't alway correlate that you get what you pay for

Mike Smith Rhode Island : Design / Build / Repair / Restore

Mike Smith Rhode Island : Design / Build / Repair / Restore


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Hi Mike,

Yes, those are the hangers (with Stainless Steel screws) I have already bought from Home Depot and am hoping Maize either changes its mind and covers its 25 year warranty or I will get another company do put them in for me.  It's a simple job to do except when you are afraid of heights.  My home is about 3 stories high so it isn't something I'm comfortable with.   The job itself to me, seems quite simple, as you say, but the need for it is so important.

Also, just for your info, the length of my home is about 50 feet long so it really makes it tougher for the water to probabaly span the entire length of my home before it gets to the one and only location where downspouts are.  Not a good setup, especially when my nieghbors have atleast min. 3 or 4 downspouts on their homes.

Thanks again for the info.